Monday, August 17, 2015

Exciting News!

I have been receiving countless emails from teachers who are looking to flip their classrooms. I love discussing the flipped classroom with each and every one of you. However, during the school year it can be difficult to keep up with everyone. I have taken what I've learned and put it into ebook form. You can now download Flipping History: How to Flip Your Classroom Today on It contains information found here on my blog as well as additional resources, tips, and tricks I have learned. I am still happy to answer your emails, but if you're looking to start flipping ASAP, the book version of me may do the trick until I can respond ;). You can get it for FREE 8/18 and 8/19- don't miss out!

You can get your copy of Flipping History here.

Just as a reminder- my new content is being housed on I will always keep this site running as a resource for you, but if you're looking for updated information its on my new site. That being said, I know many of you have found me through this avenue, so I wanted to make sure you had access to the book.

Finally, I want to thank all who have reached out. The sharing of ideas that I have had with many of you has been so awesome, its one of the best parts of the job! Let's keep the conversation going!

Monday, May 18, 2015

My blog has moved!

All future posts can be found at:

It has been almost a year since my last blog post at How did I let it go for so long?

I started blogging several years ago as a way to think out some of the ideas I wanted to put into motion in my classroom. I also hoped in the process to connect with other educators. As time went on due to curriculum changes, level and school changes, and life in general, I felt myself blogging less and less. I was still active on Twitter, but not everything worth discussing and learning can be condensed to 145 characters. I realized that part of the problem was that I was taking all of my interests and keeping them separate. I began associating my education blog as part of "work." It became one more thing I had to do, rather than what it started out as, something I had a passionate interest in. I knew that if I was going to get back into blogging, and reignite the passion, I had to stop separating all of my interests into separate blogs, separate sites, separate parts of my brain. 

With this in mind I have decided to move my blog to my personal website. It can now sit side by side with my other interests. It is my hope that I can continue to connect with other educators, and to share thoughts and ideas through this site. I also hope however that this new site will give a clearer picture of who I am beyond the classroom, and help me connect with others that share additional passions and interests with me. 

I will keep active for those that are interested in past posts and archives, but all future updates will be posted to . From the main page if you click "my blog" you will find a new place for my posts. 

Thanks for making the jump with me, I'm excited to start again! 

How do you balance your personal and professional interests? Does it all merge for you, or do you compartmentalize? Head over to the new site and tell me!