Parent Grading Policy

This example has changed since I moved from just a Mastery Based Grading system to a Standards Based Grading System. However I am putting it up here for those interested in how I created "weights" for grades with the MBG system. The way our grading in our district works required me to come up with values and weights, this was one way I found I could weight things and have them still make sense. Now that I've moved to SBG the subcategories don't exist anymore. Everything is under Mastery of Unit.

Grading for Term I

Term I has 5 Units, broken down as follows:

Mastery of Units = 60 % of total grade
          In order to master a unit you must:      
Completing all Mastery Tests at 80 % or better
                   Completing all pages in the coursepack that correspond with Unit 1
                   Complete all flashcards that correspond with Unit 1
                   Complete an Exit Interview with Ms. Miller to determine final Mastery status

                             Mastery of 5 Units = A
                             Mastery of 4 Units = B
                             Mastery of 3 Units = C
                             Mastery of 2 Units = D
                             Mastery of 1 Unit   = F

Weekly Projects = 20 % of total grade
          Each weeks project will be averaged together for 20% of your grade
                   Your projects will be graded as follows:
                   Did the project you designed answer the question?
`                 Did you use your class time wisely?
Did you present your information in a clear, professional manner?
Did you create a unique and creative project?
Did you use appropriate resources and check your facts?

Critical Reading and Internet Literacy Worksheets = 10 % of total grade
                   You will be graded on two things:
                             Did you complete the worksheet/reading on time?
                             Did you participate in class discussion?

Current Events = 10 % of your total grade
                   This grade will be made up of the following:
                             An average of your weekly Current Events Quiz
                             Successful completion of all of your MLQ’s

Please cut the bottom part of this sheet off and return to school. Keep the top half at home as a reference.

I have read and understand the grading system for Term I:
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