Thursday, January 12, 2012

Plan Phase 1

Over the last two days I've really tried to figure out the answers to the questions in my last post. To say I've been consumed by this project would be an understatement. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about my classroom. I genuinely feel that if this experiment doesn't renew my students interest in their education, it definitely has renewed mine.

I decided that before I went through any past lectures to record, or even created in Interactive Notebook, I should set up my grading scale, and the basic other words realistically figure out how it would work.

After going through all of the notes and deciding which information was important I finally came up with the following plan:

Flipped Class Set Up

“Flipped” Class Unit Overview and Materials:

Greece is a 20 lecture Unit broken down into 4 sections.

Students will watch watch 2-3 lectures per week for homework. During the lecture they will fill out the corresponding pages in their “Interactive Notebook.” Finally they will take a quiz after each lecture.

When they have completed the quizzes for each lecture at 80% or better they may sit for the exam. An 80% or better will be considered “Mastery.” Students may retake the exam as many times as they wish, however only twice may be during school hours (once during class, once during SSR).

Students will be graded based on the number of units they master.

4 units= A
3 units = B
2 units = C
1 unit = D

Mastery of Units counts for 60% of their overall grade. Grade breakdown as follows:
Mastery of Unit = 60%
Notebook and Discussion Threads = 10%
Weekly Projects = 20%
CE Quizzes/BW = 10%

Lectures to Master
In Class Project Options
Texture Map
Legend of Terrain
Places of Interest
Model of a Ship
Poster on Palace of Knossos
Dark Ages
Trojan War
Perform the Odysee
Read Illiad (Create Soundtrack)
Journal Entries
Trojan War Poster
Compare Disney’s Herculese (Paper)
City States
Class Deabate (All)
Design a Greek Home
Poster on Weaponry
Persuasive Letter
Persian Wars
Delian League
Decline of City States
Research Boston Marathaon
Poster on Trireme
300- Legend vs Movie
Create a Shield
Delian L vs League of Nations
Facebook Project (All)
History of Olympics
Mount Olympus
Perform Midas and Golden Touch
Medical Practices
2 Astronomers
Weight Change
Great Teachers/Academy
Phillip of Macedonia
Alexander the Great
End of Empire
Bucephalus report
History of Alexandria
Battle of Gaugamela
Investigate PW

Wrap Up
Legacy of Greece Unit Project

How weekly Projects work:

Students will submit which project they want to do by Thursday of the prior week. Friday they will receive their placement for the week (weekend to get materials).

Monday they receive assignments and any in-class materials. Students will be seated with other students working on similar projects or at a similar place.

There may be multi-week projects offered for students quickly mastering the material.

Interactive Notebook:

To be filled in along with lectures.
Spot Checked each Friday
Checked in Full when student completes Section

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